About Us

PartyLab Industries was founded under the principle that Science shouldn’t be boring for anyone. We want to talk about the insane research being done worldwide in a fun and casual way; while still maintaining all the principles that underly the research.

Our team of PhD candidates work diligently (or else) to bring you the latest research, with a PartyLab Industries twist.

Our blog posts explore research from around the world, with our Youtube videos complementing these with visual content. Feel free to subscribe to learn more about us using the buttons below!

We also send out a weekly Newsletter with updates on our own research, our Journal Article of the week, and various other thoughts and ramblings from the PartyLab team. You can also sign up for that below if you want to find out more about us.

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.

Muriel Rukeyser
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Who we are?

We’re a research group based out of Dublin, Ireland who are looking to help make science more accessible and interesting to everyone. We want to communicate the latest the research world has to offer in ways that anyone can understand. We also plan total world domination on the side.

What we do?

We blog, we create videos, we livestream, we tweet, we post pictures, but most importantly, we research ourselves. Being actively involved in researching and publishing lets us keep our ear to the ground on the latest in the world of science. Keep your eyes on our publications section to see what we’ve worked on recently.

How we do it?

Coffee and a refusal to sleep is one hell of a combination.*

(*may not be in any way scientifically valid or true)